JOANA Design Studio


Portuguese contemporary jewellery brand created by Joana de Sousa Henriques. I graduated in Industrial Design and after 15 years of work in the design of exhibitors and stands, I graduated in Fine Jewellery at the Lisbon Jewellery Centre, which I finished in March 2019.
JOANA Design Studio is a dream that gained wings at the same time that my second daughter was born in 2017.

Art, architecture, design and geometric shapes are my biggest inspiration. I like to add a little humor to the use and name of the pieces. I intend to create pieces of jewelry with a different language, simple and that can be used in a different and fun way. All the work is done in the workshop, some drawings start with 3D and then produced in my workshop.
In September 2019 I won an honorable mention from Portojoia through the Collectiva Meeting'19 International Exhibition, which brings together a selection of contemporary jewelery artists from around the world. Then I also participated in October in the Artistar Jewels exhibition during the Milano Jewelry Week 2019.

2020 ends with participation in Brazil Jewelry Week.

Starting 2021 with integration as a PIN member and KLIMT02 member.

JOYA BARCELONA 2021 - selected artist.