Soft Sunrise

We started the year 2021 on the right foot and with the hope of improving everything soon, in this case, with the arrival of the vaccine.

That is how we should always start the year, the day. Full of determination and willingness to do better for our planet, which is all of us.

Inspired by this positivism at the beginning of the year, I designed pieces inspired by the sunrise. The fireball that helps us to be reborn every day.

Who doesn't like Sol?

The veneration of the Sun was a central aspect of the first civilizations. A real divinity to this day. Jewelery was the first demonstration of this worship, being used as a protective amulet.

Have you ever wondered why you like jewelery or jewelery?

It always has a special meaning for us. There's a feeling behind it. Whether it is chosen by us or offered to us. In the latter it gains even more meaning. It is one of the most intimate accessories I have obtained. A true amulet of protection, of love, that we often secretly keep this true meaning that it has for us. As simple as it may be. Our story becomes a jewel.

This new collection of pieces, Soft Sunrise, comes to consolidate these ideas of restart, light, adoration, protection. The new pieces acquired to brighten up the days, the looks of 2021.

Full of claw, we have to move on, because all this will pass!

We are together !!

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